BFC recognized the need in the community to create a club where highly-advanced players could develop and assess their skills against the best players throughout Oregon. BFC fosters player development through mastering of fundamentals, game tactics, hard work, and fun. Players earn their playing time through dedication to these principles, as well as consistency at practice and through game performance.Soccer is played year-round and teams often work on fundraising projects to help raise money for registration fees, summer tournaments, and other activities such as futsal league play. Tryouts for select premier teams are held once a year in each age division. The players selected are eligible to participate in a summer soccer tournament held in another state.

BFC strives to produce premier level soccer teams by providing high quality training and coaching resources. Our volunteer coaching staff put in countless hours to ensure the development of elite soccer players who can compete at the highest levels. Having volunteer coaching positions allow the focus of the position to remain on player development, rather than revenue generation. At BFC, our community minded volunteer staff are responsible to those that they serve and have a vested interest in instilling life lessons while seeing the team and individual players succeed.



To create a local soccer identity through our specific style of play. Successful international teams such as Argentina, Spain and Brazil highlight the importance of ball control and possession based play. The underlying factors contributing to the success of these teams are their technical skills, which are actually not that advanced. The vast majority of individual actions in this style of play are TRAP,PASS, and RUN, all very basic techniques. There are a couple nice tricks and a couple creative passes, but for the most part it is the core fundamentals that make this style possible.​


Passes are made in all directions, 360 degrees. The ball is switched from side to side multiple times in each possession. Players are instructed to connect passes to feet, and receive the ball across their body. Building play from the back line is common, with help from the defensive mid as a pivotal role in possession. When the keeper gains possession, the ball is thrown (not punted) to build from the back. WE DO NOT SEND IT OR BOOT IT.


Players almost always pass forward. Many passes are long and vertical-resulting in foot races. Players are often instructed to SEND IT and BOOT IT